Will I live to see my son stand under the chuppah?

Man suffering from serious illness hopes to live to see his son's upcoming wedding.

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Vaad Harabanim

If there is a wedding at all, the father of the chosson will go to the chuppah in a wheelchair. That is, if the father of the chassan is still alive at the wedding. This is the painful reality of the Sheutland family.

Mr. Sheutland is suffering from a horrible disease that continues to deteriorate. Now, even after many years of therapy and treatments, Mr. Sheutland can barely speak and is confined to a wheelchair. "My father barely leaves the house," says Shimon Sheutland. Mr. Sheutland is no longer able to function on his own. His life is now in danger, and he needs urgent treatment to save his life.

The Sheutland family's finances are stretched to their limits. Mr. Sheutland is no longer able to work to support his family, they are paying for his ongoing treatments and the costs of supporting a large family. They live very simply and yet they struggle to pay the bills. The Sheutland family desperately needs funds to pay for the urgent treatment to save their father's life. Save his life now!

To complicate the finances even further, Shimon Sheutland is now engaged. The family literally has no money to marry him off. With the wedding date looming closer and closer nothing has been payed for. Shimon desperately needs money to get married.

In this inspiring video it is amazing to see father and son each selflessly begging on the other's behalf. Mr. Sheutland begs for help to marry off Shimon, so that he should not suffer the embarrassment of not being able to get married normally. While Shimon begs for help to save his father's life. It is amazing to watch such selflessness when both people are so desperately in need of help.

An urgent fundraising campaign has been set up to help the Sheutland family save their father's life and marry off his son. Be inspired by the selflessness of the Sheutland family and emulate their ways. Save Mr. Sheutland's life, help him live to see his son standing under the chuppah.