Judge orders haredi stabber sent for additional evaluation

Haredi stabbers friends and attorneys say that suspect suffered from severe mental problems prior to attack at Kiryat Sefer yeshiva.

Tzvi Lev,

Modiin Illit (Illustration)
Modiin Illit (Illustration)
MDA Spokesperson

The Jerusalem Mastirgate's Court ordered a haredi man accused of stabbing his friend during an argument in a Kiryat Sefer Yeshiva to undergo an additional psychiatric evaluation and ordered police to conclude the investigation by Sunday.

A previous psychiatric evaluation had come back inconclusive after the suspect refused to cooperate.

The assailant has no prior psychiatric record. His attorney claims however that his client is "suffering from a serious mental illness" and added that "he does not remember anything from the incident and denies any connection".

"A sane person will not do anything like this in daylight, in front of people, and wait for the police to come to the room to arrest him." the man's attorney told Kikar Hashabbat. "There is an indication that his mental state was not good before the stabbing, the two have been good friends for years".

Police say that are treating the case an attempted murder. The perpetrator has remained silent during interrogation and has not cooperated with investigators.

The incident occurred on Hafetz Haim Street in the Kiryat Sefer neighborhood of Modi’in Illit just after noon on Sunday, when a young man, roughly 17 years of age, was stabbed in Yeshivat Knesset Hagedola by his study partner.

Police say the stabbing was the result of a brawl which had erupted following a dispute between several students.

Authorities were immediately notified of the stabbing, and tracked down and arrested the suspect, who was taken into custody within minutes of the incident.