Will Hamas agree to compromise with Israel?

Hamas leader slams Palestinian Authority Chairman Abbas for 'working against' Gaza residents.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Khalil al-Hayya
Khalil al-Hayya

A Hamas leader in Gaza slammed the Palestinian Authority (PA) for its stance on a Hamas-Israel agreement.

According to Khalil al-Hayya, PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and the Fatah party "insist on preserving the siege on Gaza, and are also working against the Palestinians who live in Gaza."

"It gives the impression that they are not really interested in an internal Palestinian agreement, but are just trying to make it more difficult for us to change the situation in Gaza."

Al-Hayya also discussed the various options in a deal with Israel.

"We are continuing the March of Return and continuing to send incendiary balloons into Israel, but it wouldn't be a crime for us to give those up," he said. "On the other hand, we are asking for a sea route and we're willing to have the United Nations supervise it."

However, Al-Hayya emphasized that if no agreement is reached, Hamas will step up its actions against Israel.