Amazing animals in full transparency!

Not only in the Knesset do they live in full transparency, but also in nature: Amazing animals with transparent skin that hide nothing.

Matanel Roth,

פרפר כנפי הזכוכית- הכנפיים לא מזכוכית אבל עדיין מדהימות
פרפר כנפי הזכוכית- הכנפיים לא מזכוכית אבל עדיין מדהימות
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Knesset Members love to boast that they live in full transparency, but they aren't the only ones.

There are wild animals that prefer transparent and amazing skin over ordinary colored skin. We have assembled for you a number of transparent and amazing animals that really hide nothing:

1. The Glass-winged butterfly: Despite the name, its wings aren't really made of glass. The butterfly is found mainly in Mexico and Panama and feeds on plants like any ordinary butterfly. Its wings are made of a special tissue that barely absorbs the light that gives it its amazing appearance.

Glass-winged butterfly

2. Ghost Shrimp: This animal is also found in North America and is quite alive relative to a ghost. The shrimp is so transparent that you can usually see it only when it's in motion. As you can see in the picture, all of its skin is completely transparent so all his internal organs can be seen from the outside, which makes it very easy for the scientists studying it.

Ghost shrimp

3. Medusa: It's not so nice to encounter jellyfish but that doesn't mean they can't be beautiful. Most jellyfish are transparent or at least partly transparent so they have an amazing body that sometimes glows in the dark. Despite the beauty of the jellyfish it seems that it's still better to see them from afar rather than when they are within hand's reach.


4. X-Ray Catfish: Despite what you'd expect from the name - the fish has nothing to do with the cat. But, despite the lack of connection, the fish is still spectacular and so completely transparent that you can actually see its spine. Because of its transparent skin, the fish prefers to live at the bottom of the ocean where there's no fear of sunbathing.

X-Ray Catfish

5. Sea angel: As you probably guessed, it's not really an angel. The fish received its name thanks to a pair of "wings" it has on both sides and perhaps because of its transparent skin. It is a very small fish (reaching 5 cm at most), the fish uses its wings to swim quickly and eat its prey - the sea butterfly.

Sea angel

6. Glass Frog: This is a South American frog that at first sight looks like any normal frog. But if you look at it from below you'll see that all of its belly is transparent so you can actually see its heart beating. If you're thinking about adopting it - the frog is in danger of extinction so you can't add it to your aquarium anytime soon.

Glass frog