Survey: Haredim believe academia helps them financially

Nearly half of haredim believe academic studies are worthwhile, improve earning ability, survey shows.

Haim Lev ,

Haredim at a job fair
Haredim at a job fair
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A new survey by Seker Kehalacha found that the haredi public's attitude towards academic studies is changing.

Seker Kehalacha is a haredi research institute.

The survey found that 48% of respondents agreed that academic studies are worth the investment, and that a BA improves a person's earning ability.

It also showed that the most admired occupations in the haredi community are hi-tech (40%), health (29%), law (22%), and accounting (19%). Less popular professions were architecture (6%), marketing (6%), and education (3%).

When asked, "Which academic institution is the most successful in preparing haredim to enter the job market?" 15% named the Ono Academic College.

Dr. Haim Zicherman, who serves as the Rector and Academic Director of Ono's haredi campus, said, "In recent years, the haredi sector's entrance to academia has been significant. [This is due] to the understanding that higher education is the doorway to the high-quality job market and integration in Israeli society."

"The number of haredim entering the world of higher education proves that it is possible to integrate a Torah lifestyle with the desire to earn a degree and integrate into the job market. The integration of haredi graduates from Ono and other haredi campuses proves the importance of academic studies geared towards the haredi population. Statistics show that after they complete their studies, graduates are able to work and earn an honorable living.

"With G-d's help, Ono will continue to excel in leading haredi academia, while providing solutions for the challenges of the job market."