Wife helpless to save husband
Switzerland facility won't treat Israeli man without prepayment

Before we hear 'who will live and who will die', save Mordechai Dov's life now, while there is still a life to save.

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Mordechai Zeivald
Mordechai Zeivald
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A time-sensitive horror story is unfolding before our eyes. Mordechai Dov Zeivald, father of 13, is suffering from an extreme form of Parkinson's disease. He can no longer talk or care for himself, and he continues to deteriorate. His life is now in grave danger.

There is only one facility in the entire world that offers the Zeivald family some hope for recovery: the Rehaclinic Zihlschlacht in Zihlschlacht, Switzerland. This rehabilitation facility is the only one in the world that can save Mordechai Dov's life. They will not begin treatment, however, without a payment of $80,000 (75,000 CHF).

Help save Mordechai's life now!

Mordechai Dov's condition is time-sensitive. The Parkinson's disease is eating away at his brain, and the Zeivald's father's life can be saved only if he begins treatment right away.

Tova Zeivald in this emotional video cries from the depths of her heart: "Please save my husband's life while we still have a chance. I never thought I'd have to beg."

This is your chance to perform the ultimate mitzvah of saving a life less than two weeks before the Day of Judgement. In the weeks before we hear "who will live and who will die" save Mordechai Dov's life now, while there is still a life to save.

An emergency fundaising campaign has been started to save Mr. Zeivald's life and help him start urgent treatment right away in Switzerland. $80,000 cannot be too high of a price tag to save a life.