Bennett continues attack on Liberman, Netanyahu

Education Minister slams attempt to reach cease-fire with Hamas, says Netanyahu is also responsible for deteriorating situation.

Tzvi Lev,

Bennett, Netanyahu
Bennett, Netanyahu
Flash 90

Education Minister and Jewish Home head Naftali Bennett continued his week-long attack the government's over its attempt to reach a long-term cease-fire with the Hamas terror group.

"Until this very moment when I ask, they tell me that there is no agreement with Hamas. From what I understand there are still attempts to reach the outline, and we are hoping we can create an alternative," Bennett told Army Radio during a Monday morning interview.

Bennett has been attacking Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman unceasingly over the past week for his role in forging the Israel-Hamas agreement. Upon being queried why Liberman was bearing the brunt of the criticism, Bennett replied that Liberman was the address for security matters by the nature of his job.

"The Prime Minister has responsibility all the members of the political-security cabinet. The defense minister is in charge of security, so I turn to him," said Bennett.

The proposed deal between Israel and Hamas is brokered by Egypt and expected to include improvements in the humanitarian conditions in Gaza, as well as the construction of a seaport in the Egyptian city of Ismailia and an airport in Sinai.

Bennett has repeatedly warned that Israel was eroding its deterrence by seeking a rapprochement with the Hamas terror group. On Sunday, Bennett upped his rhetoric and likened a potential cease-fire to the protection money demanded by an organized crime syndicate.

"About 100 years ago, the Italian mafia began to thrive in the US. The mafia has developed a method: they dress on a business, start sabotaging the business, burn it, threaten its workers, and then come and offer the business owner "protection" for a fee. It's called "protection fee," said Bennett.

"For 140 days, Hamas has been burning our fields and our settlements, firing hundreds of rockets at us, sniping at our soldier and telling us: 'We will stop terrorism if you meet our demands.'

"Hamas must understand that it will pay a terrible price for any harm to Israeli citizens, and Hamas must be afraid to harm us, not to profit from it."

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