Israeli boy sent to Texas for urgent surgery

A Bnei Brak family's only child suffers from a severe birth defect, but a complex surgery in US could end his travails.

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Moshe Cohen, a resident of Bnei Brak, has always been a happy baby. He is his parents' first - and only child. But Moshe was born with a severe birth defect which prevents him from leading a normal life. His parents, Tamar and Shlomo Cohen, have turned to doctors in Israel for help. The doctors have offered a solution that is nearly impossible.

Upon expert medical advice, Moshe has been referred for complex surgery to Dr. Warren Snodgrass. Based in Texas, Dr. Snodgrass is a world renowned urologist, an expert at this type of pediatric surgery. Only in Texas will the two-month-old Moshe be able to undergo successful surgery to enable him to lead a normal life. Corrective surgery is necessary as soon as possible, ideally at the age of 6 months. Now Moshe is two months old, the Cohens have 4 months in which to raise the immense sum needed for surgery. Save Moshe's life now!

Moshe will require two, perhaps even three, surgeries before he is a year old. The surgeries are extremely complicated, as they deal with an extremely sensitive part of the body. In this video, Moshe's mother describes their situation. Her calm demeanor belies the pain that she feels on behalf of her firstborn child. The cost of so many surgeries comes to an astronomical $70,000. The Cohens are a young couple: the surgery is far beyond their simple budget.

Tamar, Moshe's mother, has started an emergency fund to pay for life-saving surgery for Moshe. Any mother can relate to her fears for her child’s future, the worries over a firstborn and only child are even more heartbreaking.