Family vacation turns into mourning

40-year-old haredi man suffers heart attack and dies while on vacation with family in Egypt.

Michal Levy,

Sinai Peninsula
Sinai Peninsula

A haredi family that went on vacation in Taba, Egypt, never imagined that the vacation would end under such tragic circumstances.

The father of the family, a man about 40 years of age, suffered a heart attack and collapsed during the vacation.

Egyptian medical forces rushed to the scene and began resuscitation efforts, but his condition deteriorated and he died at the scene.

ZAKA chairman Yehuda Meshi Zahav said, "A number of families went on vacation in Taba near the border with Israel. This morning, a man about 40 years of age who is a father of children felt weakness and fainted in front of his family. An ambulance was summoned to the scene and evacuated him to a medical center near the hotels, but unfortunately, he was pronounced dead shortly thereafter.”

Meshi Zahav added, "I was in tears when I spoke to the family, they were shocked, they said the father was healthy, and suddenly he had a heart attack. The vacation turned into mourning. We are with the family and will do everything possible to help."