Bennett attacks Liberman: 'Gaza deal tailwind for terrorism'

Bennet continues assault on Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman and reported cease fire with Hamas. 'Hamas shoots rockets and Israel folds.'

Tzvi Lev,

Bennett and Liebrman
Bennett and Liebrman
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Jewish Home Chairman Naftali Bennett ratcheted up his attack on both Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman and the potential cease-fire currently taking shape between Israel and Gaza.

"The Israel-Hamas agreement Liberman has pushed is a serious and irresponsible mistake," Bennett told Hadashot 2. "The agreement will allow Hamas to accelerate the production of rockets."

"If we do not stop Hamas' national project to manufacture rockets, Israeli residents will suffer from a barrage of rockets on population centers in the not too distant future."

Bennett added that the deal with Hamas would encourage the terror group to up its involvement of terrorism in the future."After 140 days of rockets, snipers and Molotov cocktails, Hamas learned that terrorism has paid off ... The truth is that the Israel-Hamas agreement is a mistake and the concept of containment has failed," he contended.

Bennett also vehemently rejected Liberman's view that Israel could persuade the Gaza Arabs to replace the Hamas government: "The message has received. Terrorism pays, Hamas fires rockets at us and Israel collapses."

"Our job is not to convince but to neutralize Hamas' strength and its ability to harm the citizens of Israel," added Bennett.

Liberman's Yisrael Beiteinu responded to Bennett's attack by noting his absence from the marathon cabinet meetings regarding the cease-fire due to his current sojourn overseas. "Since Bennett has been absent from cabinet meetings on the Gaza issue, especially recently, he is not familiar with the details," said the party in a statement.

Bennett has launched a blistering attack on the Israel-Hamas cease-fire as the parameters begin to take shape. According to reports on Thursday, the agreement is expected to include the opening of a sea route between Gaza and Cyprus which would be under Israeli security.

Arab sources also told the Lebanese Al Mayadeen newspaper that Qatar will pay for Gaza's electricity, and the money will be transferred via Israel. Qatar will also take financial responsibility for paying the Hamas government's salaries.

On Tuesday, a senior Israeli official involved in the details of the contacts for a five-year agreement for calm in Gaza has told the Los Angeles Times that the agreement with Hamas is "virtually done."