'Father shouted to me: Out of the house! Quickly!'

Shalev Levy, wounded by Qassam rocket shrapnel and operated on at night, tells of events at home during Gaza rocket and attack on house.

Mordechai Sones ,

Shalev Levy
Shalev Levy
Barzilai Medical Center

Shalev Levy, son of Avi Levy, who was wounded by shrapnel from a Qassam rocket in his hand and operated on during the night, told of the events at home during the rocket fire from Gaza and the attack that struck their house.

"I was in my room playing when suddenly there was a Red Alert siren. My father said to go in the bomb shelter and not leave it, so I stayed.

"When the alert was over he left the bomb shelter but I stayed inside. After a few moment there was another siren and then suddenly 'boom!'. I went out to see what happened and my sister's room was full of smoke and fire.

"I went towards the living room and father shouted to me 'Quickly! Out of the house!' As he was saying that I saw lots of blood coming from his arm. I got outside and he said 'quick, find me something to stop the bleeding.' I found a rag on the floor and tied his hand with it, and asked neighbors to come help," said Levy.