Yeshiva dean: Sderot has a great future

Sderot Yeshiva dean takes Arutz Sheva on tour of yeshiva, says town has 'a lot of cohesiveness.'

Hezki Baruch ,

Rabbi David Fendel
Rabbi David Fendel
Hezki Baruch

Sderot Yeshiva Dean Rabbi David Fendel on Thursday spoke to Arutz Sheva about the Sderot Yeshiva and the recent rocket attacks on both his city and the entire Gaza border region.

"Right now the beis midrash (study hall - ed.) looks lonely and a little dark," Rabbi Fendel said. "In three days from now, it's going to be filled with hundreds of guys. These guys are soldiers, these guys are learners, and the whole place will be filled with that sweet sound, of learning."

"Especially today it's important that these guys come to the city with their youthful energies," he added, noting that "they bring a whole message to the city that we're here to stay."

"Sderot has a great future."

Rabbi Fendel added that many of the students end up settling in Sderot later on.

"These guys end up marrying here," he said. "These guys themselves wanna live here and are bringing that beautiful spirit of Zionism and Torah to the entire city."

Walking outside, Rabbi Fendel showed Arutz Sheva where the new gardens were planned for.
"Everything's going to turn into green," he said. "And that's a real message to the whole world, they'll try to blacken, they'll try to weaken, and we get even stronger."

Praising the city's residents, Rabbi Fendel said, "There's a beautiful spirit during these times... There's a lot of cohesiveness in the town, there's a lot of spirituality, and there's a lot of Zionism, and a lot of resolve, and its tremendous for our guys to strengthen that resolve and to be part of that resolve and that beautiful Zionist spirit of building, growing, and learning and becoming tremendous citizens of Sderot and of the whole State of Israel."