Mother suspected of abusing her children

Siblings tell police mother abuses them, beat and bit their brother for not cleaning up.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Woman under arrest (illustrative)
Woman under arrest (illustrative)

On Tuesday three siblings arrived at a police station in the western Negev, complaining that they had suffered years of abuse at their mothers' hands.

In the interrogation, the siblings, ages 15, 12, and 9, said that just before they arrived at the station, their mother hit their 10-year-old sibling, sat on him, and caused him difficulty breathing. They added that she also bit him and caused him injuries.

The mother's reason for her actions, they said, was probably that the 10-year-old had refused to clean his toys.

The children were taken by a child protection officer to be interrogated in an emergency shelter in Be'er Sheva.

Both parents were located in central Israel.

Upon their arrival at the police station, the parents were interrogated, and the father released on condition and the mother was arrested.

She will be brought to Be'er Sheva's Magistrates Court on Wednesday for an extension of her arrest.