Haredim to the paratroopers

Record number from haredi sector completes preparatory program for paratroopers today, about 60% increase compared to previous cycle.

Mordechai Sones ,

Haredim speak to paratrooper at base on Israel-Lebanon border
Haredim speak to paratrooper at base on Israel-Lebanon border
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Last year's Paratrooper Brigade try-outs for haredim

About 50 haredi youth completed a special preparatory try-out program to form a haredi paratroopers unit.

This represents a 60% increase in response compared with the previous cycle.

About half of the participants in the preparatory program came from Jerusalem and the surrounding area, 20% from the central region, and 20% from the south.

Candidates for the security service began last Sunday spending three days preparing for the formulation, which included workshops, mental and spiritual preparation, Krav Maga classes, and a class in military history in Gan Yavneh. Later in the day candidates will stand at the Paratroopers Brigade training base to move on to try-outs for the brigade.

The haredi program is under the leadership of the Defense Ministry Socio-Security Division in cooperation with the Paratroopers Brigade and the IDF Personnel Division.