Ministerial Committee for Druze Affairs convenes

Ad hoc committee will act to promote benefits for various communities.

Mordechai Sones,

Druze flag decorated with Star of David seen in Daliat al-Karmel, Israel
Druze flag decorated with Star of David seen in Daliat al-Karmel, Israel
Flash 90

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu convened for the first time the Ministerial Committee for the Druze Community, the Circassian Community, and Minority Soldiers of the Security Forces, the establishment of which was decided at yesterday's cabinet meeting.

The committee raised proposals for issues that might be promoted.

Netanyahu instructed ministers to prepare staff work for further discussion next week, when ministers will present their ministries' activities in areas relevant to various populations, including residence and housing, employment, welfare, benefits for discharged soldiers, and more.

Committee meeting, today
Amos ben Gershom, GPO

Deputy Defense Minister MK Eli Ben Dahan said, "I was pleased to take part today in this important ministerial committee led by the Prime Minister to equalize all security forces of various communities on issues such as housing, employment, and completing outline plans for communities," he said.

"I believe the committee's work will remove the cloud someone tried to paint around the Nationality Law and will make clear to minority members in security service how much the State of Israel regards them as equals among equals," Ben Dahan wrote in his Twitter account.