'Jewish Home campaign could have come from Der Stürmer'

Expose that Jerusalem's Jewish Home party ran anti-haredi campaign continues to make waves.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Part of the offending flyer
Part of the offending flyer
Campaign spokesperson

A recent anti-haredi campaign by Jerusalem's Jewish Home infuriated lawmakers, who alleged that the advertisements bordered on anti-Semitism.

The Jewish Home had been distributing posters featuring leading mayoral candidates Moshe Lion, MK Zeev Elkin and Ofer Berkowitz dressed like haredim with long sidelocks under the caption "only the Jewish Home will stop Jerusalem's haredi influence".

"The inciting campaign of the Jewish Home in Jerusalem seems to have been taken from the German magazine Der Stürmer and reminds us of dark periods," said Shas MK Yinon Azoulay.

Fellow Shas MK Michael Malkieli, who once served as a member of the Jerusalem city council, said that the Jewish Home was trying to improve its moribund electoral fortunes by inciting Jerusalemites against the capital's haredi population.

"The Jewish Home party in the divided Jerusalem, which received a single mandate in the last elections for the Jerusalem city council, thinks that if it issues a campaign against the haredim than it will gain something," he said.

"My friend in the Jewish Home: I recommend that you invest your time in unifying Jerusalem's Religious Zionist factions, where every morning there is a new message of uniting and splitting off again and leave us in peace."

Malkieli was referring to Jerusalem's constantly warring Religious Zionist factions.

Jerusalem's UTJ faction also condemned the campaign, saying that "we hope and trust that there are responsible adults in the party who will stop it and will not allow the discourse to be dragged into dark places of incitement and intimidation."

Jewish Home Chairman Naftali Bennett also apologized following the expose and said that the campaign does not reflect his party.

"The Jewish Home strongly condemns the campaign published this morning by the party's branch in the municipal elections in Jerusalem," tweeted Bennett. "The campaign was not carried out by the party's national leadership, and does not represent its position regarding the haredi public."

"This is not our way," added Bennett. "We believe in the connection and dialogue between the different parts of Israeli society, and not in increasing polarization."