Jewish Home party running anti-haredi campaign in Jerusalem

Bennett says haredi-bashing campaign was done without his knowledge. 'Only Jewish Home will check haredi influence in Jerusalem.'

Tzvi Lev,

Jerusalem Jewish Home representatives
Jerusalem Jewish Home representatives
Public relations

Jewish Home head and Education Minister Naftali Bennett apologized after his party's Jerusalem branch ran an anti-haredi campaign.

"The Jewish Home strongly condemns the campaign published this morning by the party's branch in the municipal elections in Jerusalem," tweeted Bennett. "The campaign was not carried out by the party's national leadership, and does not represent its position regarding the haredi public."

"This is not our way," added Bennett. "We believe in the connection and dialogue between the different parts of Israeli society, and not in increasing polarization."

Yediot Aharonot had reported on Monday that the Jewish Home had been distributing posters featuring leading mayoral candidates Moshe Lion, MK Zeev Elkin and Ofer Berkowitz dressed like haredim in long sidelocks under the caption "only the Jewish Home will stop Jerusalem's haredi influence".

Leaders of the Jewish Home's Jerusalem branch added in an interview that portraying the candidates as haredi pawns is important in advancing the interests of the city. Haredim make up 40% of Jerusalem, making it almost impossible to win city-wide elections without their support.

"The supreme interest of the residents of Jerusalem and religious Zionism is that Jerusalem will not become Bnei Brak," said on Jewish Home official. "We have nothing against the haredim, but the reality of life proves that making Jerusalem more and more haredi keeps the Zionist and secular public away from it. "

Picture of Jewish Home ads
Yediot Aharonot

According to Jerusalem's Jewish Home branch Hagit Moshe, "No matter who heads the city, Elkin, Leon or Berkowitz, they must not stand alone against the haredim. The more Religious Zionism becomes a stronger and bigger factor in the coalition, the more we can ensure that Jerusalem will be the capital of all Israeli society, not of a small sector. "

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