Ahed Tamimi doesn't regret her actions

While in jail, PA teen who assaulted soldier finished high school and a course in international law.

Dalit Halevy,

Ahed Tamimi in court
Ahed Tamimi in court

Ahed Tamimi, the PA teen who served an eight-month prison sentence for assaulting an IDF officer, does not regret her actions.

In an interview with the official PA news agency Wafa, Tamimi said, "What I did was the natural behavior of a peaceful family whose house soldiers broke into, even if the price is imprisonment, since one who believes in the idea of liberation must not fear suppression by the occupation.”

According to the report, Tamimi smiled when she told about her experiences in an Israeli prison and about her becoming a “national symbol” after her arrest and her release from prison.

She added: "During the interrogation, I had difficult moments. They threatened to arrest my family members if I did not confess to the charges against me. Likewise, an officer of the occupation sexually harassed me verbally when he said that I had beautiful eyes and beautiful hair. Those were really scary moments.”

Tamimi noted that she benefited greatly from her imprisonment despite the difficulties, because she managed to finish high school in prison and took a course in international law. She said she intends to study law so that she can serve as a lawyer to defend the prisoners and the rights of “the Palestinian people.”

She expressed support for the “Palestinian popular struggle” in the Ramallah area and called for increased pressure on Israel to release all PA security prisoners, including those serving life sentences.