'The court cannot strike down a Basic Law'

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked says MKs who petitioned Supreme Court to overturn Nationality Law do not understand court cannot do so.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Shaked at law conference
Shaked at law conference
ministry spokesperson

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked on Thursday addressed the Druze Knesset members' petition against the Nationality Law.

"The fact that members of the Knesset are petitioning against a Basic Law indicates a lack of understanding," Shaked said at a conference of insolvency lawyers held in Eilat. "The court has no authority to disqualify a Basic Law. We have a strong independent court, and there is a Knesset that is a legislative and constituent assembly and it is the one that determines this. I propose that the MKs withdraw their petition."

He also spoke about the absence of the Supervisor of the Capital Market, Dorit Salinger, from a discussion in the Parliamentary Inquiry Committee on Bank Credit. "The fact that the head of the capital market did not reach the committee of inquiry by MK Eitan Cabel is a scandal. It is necessary to impose sanctions against professional clerks who do not reach the Knesset. When a clerk is summoned, he has to arrive. There is no excuse for absence. In a parliamentary committee of inquiry, the absence is even more serious. "

"No credit should be given, and the financial institutions must be conducted wisely," he added, "as more people enter bankruptcy, we will have to be wary of giving credit to people who can not repay the loan."

She noted that " as it turns out that the insolvency law does not deter enough bankrupts who have gotten rid of bankruptcy and ask for bankruptcy again, we will be eligible for an amendment to the legislation."