Samarian residents to protest after deadly car accident

'The writing was on the wall'. Bruchin residents to rally against wild driving on Judea and Samaria roads after tragic accident.

Tzvi Lev,

car accident near Bruchin
car accident near Bruchin

Samarian residents will protest against unsafe driving conditions after Ariel Dersinover was killed on Wednesday in a car accident near his hometown of Bruchin.

Tamar Shafir, a resident of Bruchin, demanded that authorities crack down on the wild driving and the chronic unsafe road conditions. "No one was surprised. It was a matter of time before a disaster occurred," she said.

The rally will start at 4 PM as Dersinover's funeral commences, followed by another protest at 6 PM at the nearby wildlife of Nofei Nehemia. Demonstrators are demanding that their access road is repaved and that the junctions in the Trans-Samaria highway be rebuilt in a safer manner.

"Basic safety on the roads is not a political matter, and we are demanding that an access road be paved now, we will not wait for someone to die," says Nofei Nehemia residents Nir Rubin.

Judea and Samaria's unsafe driving conditions received renewed spotlight after a tragic car accident in January left Ori Lipnik and her eight-year-old brother Roi dead near their town of Shavei Shomron.

An initial investigation revealed that an Arab vehicle lost control after apparently traveling at breakneck speed - especially dangerous due to prevailing road conditions - hit a safety railing, bounced into the middle of the road and blocked the Lipnik family vehicle, which could not stop in time.

The collision shed light on the dangerous driving and lax enforcement by the police on Judea and Samaria roads and many called on the police to act to prevent the next tragedy.

"We're already crying and pleading with all the enforcement authorities to do something," Jewish Home MK and Samaria resident Nissan Slomiansky said afterwards. "People drive on these roads like madmen, mainly the Arabs, besides that fact that the roads aren't in good condition. The Arabs drive like maniacs, as if their lives were worthless ... this mustn't be allowed to happen."