Large military exercise in north concludes this morning

Goal of exercise was to improve readiness of Northern Command for war and for General Staff to train in various emergency and war scenarios.

Uzi Baruch,

תרגיל מטכ"לי
תרגיל מטכ"לי
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A large-scale military exercise for the preparedness of the Northern Command and the General Staff ended Thursday morning.

The objective of the exercise was to improve the Northern Command's readiness for war and for the General Staff to train in various emergency and war scenarios in the Northern Command, as well as multi-front scenarios.

During the exercise, defense, attack and maneuver capabilities, fire strikes and intelligence were practiced in a number of areas simultaneously and over a long period of time, in accordance with the dynamic situation.

The IDF Spokesperson stressed that the exercise was planned in advance as part of the training program for 2018 and is intended to maintain the preparedness and readiness of forces.