Soldier's M-16 stolen at airport

Thief from Arab village near J'lem arrested for stealing soldier's weapon in car parked at Ben Gurion. Weapon still has not been located.

Orli Harari ,

Ben Gurion airport
Ben Gurion airport
Yoni Kempinski

It was cleared for publication that Israel Police arrested a resident of the Jerusalem area who broke into a car in the Terminal 3 parking lot at Ben-Gurion Airport and stole a short M-16 from it.

A 36-year-old resident of the village of A-Ram north of Jerusalem, Nur Al-Din Jazawi, was indicted.

The incident took place in the middle of July at approximately 11:00 pm, when a soldier from the center of the country arrived with her sister to pick up a relative who had come from a foreign flight.

The soldier, sitting in the front seat, put her weapon under the seat, and in the back seat she put her case, containing two magazines. The two women parked the car in the parking lot near Terminal 3, and the soldier decided to leave the weapon in the car and put the case above it on the seat to conceal it.

The defendant, who arrived at Ben-Gurion Airport in a vehicle, parked his car in the Terminal 3 area and began to walk around the parking lot with an electronic device enabling the opening of vehicles from a distance.

He arrived at the vehicle in which the female soldier had left her weapon, and opened it by pressing the electronic device, discovering the contents.

He left the vehicle to prepare for the theft of the items, returned a few minutes later with his shirt hiding his face, took the weapon and put it in the case that was in the vehicle, and then left by taxi.

An investigation by Israel Police at Ben-Gurion Airport into the incident led to the man’s arrest a few days later. From the investigation it was found that the suspect had arrived in Ramallah after the time of the burglary, where he sought to sell the stolen items. The weapon has still not been located.

In the interrogation of the defendant, the investigators managed to collect evidence against him for involvement in additional burglaries he committed on vehicles in Or Yehuda, where he stole from a car a file with credit cards, cash and personal belongings, and from a second car - a laptop and documents. An indictment was filed against the defendant, as was an application for detention until the end of proceedings.