Suspect recounts J'lem arson to investigators

Arab suspected of setting fire to J'lem motel recounts the arson to police investigators. 4 members of family were seriously injured.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Firefighters (archive)
Firefighters (archive)
צילום: Uri Lenzi/Flash90

An Arab man, a resident of eastern Jerusalem, who is suspected of setting fire to a motel last Thursday in the center of Jerusalem, recounted the incident to police investigators.

The four members of the Oz family, who came to Jerusalem with their two children to celebrate the 45th birthday of the father, Ronen, were severely injured in the fire.

They were sleeping in the motel, when a fire suddenly broke out as the result of an arson. The family slept on the first floor and apparently succeeded in escaping by virtue of the father's resourcefulness.

According to police, a resident of Shechem who today lives with her Jewish partner and two children in Jerusalem, was involved in setting fire to the “Jaffa 60” motel in the capital. The court extended her detention until Thursday.

A police representative said at the hearing that the detainee was suspected of attempted murder, arson of a building on nationalistic grounds and conspiring to commit a crime.