'Religious Zionists now have one address in Jerusalem'

Jewish Home, National Union parties agree to run on joint list in Jerusalem municipal elections.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

the joint National Religious list
the joint National Religious list
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The Jewish Home and National Union parties agreed today (Sunday) to run as one joint parliamentary group for the Jerusalem municipal elections.

Deputy Mayor and Finance Portfolio holder Hagit Moshe will have the first slot on the list, and the second slot will go to Yehudah (Guri) Freudiger, a Pisgat Ze'ev resident, deputy director of the Sha'alvim Educational Complex and former secretary general of the Ezra youth movement.

The unity agreement was signed between Jewish Home Party director Nir Orbach and the director of the National Union Party, Ofir Sofer, who both welcomed the move.

The move to run as a joint list in the municipal elections may be a precursor to the unification of the lists in the national elections, which is still being discussed by party chairmen and ministers Naftali Bennett and Uri Ariel.

After the signing of the agreement, Hagit Moshe, the head of the joint faction, said that "this is a real message to the city of Jerusalem and to all religious Zionism, and I always encourage connections, and now the national religious public in Jerusalem needs one home and one winning address. The unity that we present today is necessary and will prove itself on the day after the elections.

"I am convinced that the unification in Jerusalem is very significant and will serve as a catalyst for the necessary unification in the Knesset elections. Guri and I will join forces and work for the benefit of the national religious public and for the benefit of the city of Jerusalem," Moshe added/

Freudiger said: "The union between the Jewish Home and the National Union conveys a single address to all the religious in Jerusalem, which will provide an answer to the individual and the community and will work to strengthen Jerusalem in all areas and to position it as the capital of the State of Israel. To promote the city of Jerusalem and the national religious public. We are now working on the continuation of the list, together with central figures, in order to connect other publics and to be the strongest and most significant list in the Jerusalem election campaign."

"The religious Zionist community in Jerusalem now has one address: The current composition connects classical religious Zionism to one list, and there is no doubt that the connection with the National Union is also very significant for the continuation of the path," said Nir Orbach, director general of the Jewish Home Party. Centrality in order to connect other publics and to be the strongest and most significant list in the Jerusalem election campaign. "

"We in the National Union are working for the unity of religious Zionism and the entire national camp, and Jerusalem is one of the important cities to implement this," said Ophir Sofer of the National Union. I am happy that we have found a common way to run together and I am hopeful that this is only the beginning of the unity of religious Zionism both on the municipal level and on the national level. "