IDF soldier hurt by terrorist fire from Gaza

IDF strikes Hamas positions in retaliation for a attack on IDF forces. 3 terrorists reportedly killed.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Artillery near Gaza
Artillery near Gaza
Flash 90

A soldier was slightly injured on Wednesday evening after terrorists fired at an IDF force operating along the Gaza border fence.

The IDF Spokesperson's Office reported that the IDF attacked Hamas positions along the Gaza Strip in response.

Three terrorists were reported killed in Gaza and several wounded during the exchange of fire.

During the day, a number of fires occurred in the communities surrounding the Gaza Strip, with the combination of the intense heat and the firebombs causing firefighting teams to work even harder than usual.

Fires broke out due to arson balloons in Netiv Ha'asara, Moshav Mavkiim and Kibbutz Carmia. There were no casualties in all the incidents.