Report: Syrian pilot killed after being shot down by Israel

Syrian official says pilot of aircraft shot down over Israel was killed. Syria denies plane entered Israeli airspace.

Gary Willig,

Patriot Missile Battery
Patriot Missile Battery
IDF/Flash 90

The pilot of the Syrian aircraft which was shot down after it entered Israeli airspace Tuesday was killed, according to a report by a Russian media outlet.

Pilot Amran Mara’e was killed, a Syrian official told Sputnik, a news outlet supported by the Russian government.

According to the official, Mara'e was flying a mission against ISIS targets in southern Syria when he was shot down.

The IDF stated that the aircraft was shot down by two Patriot missiles after it had flown two two kilometers (1.24 miles) into Israeli airspace. The Syrian government denied that the aircraft had entered Israeli airspace and claimed that it was shot down over Syrian territory.

The fate of a second pilot is unclear.

According to the IDF, there has been an uptick in the Syrian infighting since Tuesday morning, together with additional activity by the Syrian air force.

"The IDF is on high alert and very prepared, and will continue acting against violations of the 1974 Separation of Forces agreement," an IDF statement read.


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