'Uniformed officer cannot participate in political conferences'

MK Moti Yogev sends letter to DF Liberman protesting IDF Colonel's participation in left-wing conference in the Knesset.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Lt. Colonel Oshrat Bacher
Lt. Colonel Oshrat Bacher

MK Moti Yogev (Jewish Home) sent a letter to Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman following the participation of Deputy Adviser to the IDF Chief of Staff in a left-wing political conference held in the Knesset.

The officer, Oshrat Bacher, took part in a conference on the subject of "the religionization of the IDF" held by the Secular Forum in the Knesset.

"I am surprised that at a political conference against the defamation in the IDF that is currently taking place in the Knesset, a representative in uniform, Lieutenant Colonel Oshrat Bacher, is taking part in the conference and is officially working with the Secular Forum and the Women's Network, and the IDF itself identifies with the positions expressed in the lobby", Yogev wrote to Liberman.

"Unilateralism has been heard in which there are left-wing positions and anti-religious positions, and the above officer identifies with the positions and supports the lobby," MK Yogev said. "Please check and act in accordance with the values ​​of the IDF and the people of Israel."

The "Brothers in Arms" organization called for the removal of Lt. Col. Bechar from the IDF following her participation in the political conference. "The IDF is a non-political body, the executive arm of the State of Israel. As such, it must refrain from taking a stand on any political, political or social issue unrelated to the performance of its tasks. They have always taken care of this in the IDF, and have refrained from dealing with such issues," the organization said.

"We call for the immediate dismissal of the officer. In addition, [we call for] the immediate cessation of all cooperation between IDF officers and political elements, such as the New Israel Fund, especially in the IDF headquarters. This not the first time that such a relationship has been exposed," added "Brothers in Arms."