Bringing Bible study into the digital age

Herzog College in Gush Etzion develops interactive app to teach Bible to youth on their smartphones.

Eliran Aharon ,

Bible (illustrative)
Bible (illustrative)

Michlelet Herzog (Herzog College) has developed an app which brings Bible study into the digital generation.

Yehuda Aharonson, Director of Development and Strategic Partnerships at Michlelet Herzog, explained why the app was developed.

"Kids are on their smartphones all the time. But we want them to learn the Tanach (Hebrew Bible)." He said that the school sought to "bring the two together in order to excite them about learning Tanach.

The name of the app is Hayinu Kecholmim (We were like dreams).

"Right now, 170 perakim (chapters) of Tanach exist on this app. It's interactive. The kids love it. It's got all sorts of individual modules for learning the text, getting ideas from the text, seeing the relevance of the text to their lives today.

"Six thousand Israeli schoolchildren last year used this app and learned 170 perakim of Tanach.

"Herzog has figured out how to bring the Tanach, without changing it, to a platform that is accessible, exciting, and interesting to kids," Aharonson said.