Lod Council member: 'Don't sell houses to Jews'

Arab council member attacks campaign inviting Jews to live in Lod neighborhood; 'Don't give up your homes!'

Mordechai Sones ,

Lod is a large city with mixed population of Jews, Arabs and new immigrants
Lod is a large city with mixed population of Jews, Arabs and new immigrants
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Lod city councilman Abed Esberga calls on city Arabs not to sell their homes in Jewish-mixed neighborhoods.

"When you think about selling your home in Ramat Eshkol, remember the money you receive won't be able to buy another house for you and your family in another neighborhood," Azberga said in response to a campaign by the Lod Torah Core group calling on religious families to live in Ramat Eshkol.

Azberga published the campaign's video and suggested Lod's Arabs "also remember the incitement against sale of homes to Arabs." At the end of the Arab Council member's post he wrote, "Don't give up your homes!"

Lod Municipal Council member for Jewish Home Amichai Langfeld responded to Esberga on his Facebook page and wrote: "Little racist, look for all the nicest and friendliest words you can find, they won't hide the racism that's spilled out of you always, and today especially.

"This is why you and your friends aren't really worthy of being partners in the leadership," Langfeld said, "Our responsibility to all city residents is what anchors the sector, not your racist posts."

Azberga replied to Langfeld, "I have no interest in responding to you in those words. I'm conveying important awareness so families don't find themselves in the street. I'm not a racist, I'm responsible for sending messages to the public. The housing problem is critical in Lod among the Arab residents."