Labor withdraws from international socialist organization

Israeli Labor party refuses to remain in Socialist International after group adopts BDS resolution.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Labor party members
Labor party members
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The Israeli Labor Party announced the suspension and termination of its membership in the Socialist International organization Tuesday in response to the organization's decision to support a boycott of the State of Israel.

The International Secretary of the Labor Party, Deputy Speaker of the Knesset MK Halik Bar, on Tuesday morning, in coordination with party chairman Avi Gabbay, sent a particularly harsh letter to the president and secretary-general of the Socialist International, announcing the suspension before the final cancellation of the membership of the party.

Socialist International is the oldest umbrella organization in the world of social democratic parties, and the Labor Party has been a member for many years.

The organization passed a resolution calling on "all governments and civil society organizations to activate boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against the Israeli occupation, all the occupation institutions, and the illegal Israeli settlements including the total embargo on all forms of military trade and cooperation with Israel as long as it continues its policies of occupation and Apartheid against the Palestinian people.”

MK Bar wrote in response: "After many years of friendship and a long tradition of cooperation with the Socialist International, on behalf of the Israeli Labor Party, I hereby inform you that until such time as it is officially canceled, we ask that you not include any mention of the Israeli Labor Party or of any member of our party in any official information concerning the organization, the organization's publications, or future events.

"We also inform you that we are suspending our membership in the organization as a preliminary step to cancel our membership permanently in the organization, a step that will take place if this miserable, hypocritical and evil decision on the Palestinian issue is not canceled.

“In the declaration, you reiterate your ‘solidarity with the progressive forces in Israel,’” Bar added. “As the international secretary of the Israeli Labor party, as a leader in the party, and on behalf of the Labor Party leadership, the largest progressive party in the Israeli parliament, let me assure you that until the full and formal cancellation of this poor one-sided and miserable declaration, your ‘solidarity’ is not desirable by us.”

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