French website removes ad for Auschwitz showerhead

Classified ads website in France removes ad marketing a secondhand showerhead as coming from Auschwitz.

Ben Ariel, Canada ,


A classified advertisements website in France has removed an ad marketing a secondhand showerhead as coming from Auschwitz, JTA reported on Friday.

A spokesperson for the LeBonCoin website said Thursday on Twitter that as soon as the ad was flagged last week, moderators “immediately removed it, and were of course shocked by its content. We apologize to anyone who, like us, became upset by this ad.”

The website may press criminal charges against the author of the ad, who sought 455 euros, or $535, for the metal object.

The Nazis killed more than a million people at the Auschwitz death camp in Poland, including tens of thousands of French Jews. Most victims were poisoned in gas chambers disguised as showers.

In 2013, the Dutch online sales platform Markplaats was found to feature ads purporting to sell letters that Jewish Holocaust survivors wrote in concentration camps.

One of the sellers on, a resident of Luxembourg identified by the handle Bundum, offered 29 items, including one letter that he described as “an original letter from Auschwitz dated Nov. 9, 1941 with censor’s seal.” Another letter, dated March 4, comes in an envelope with a stamp carrying the portrait of Adolf Hitler. Other listings by Bundum included ads for Nazi toy soldiers.

In December, online retailer Amazon came under fire for selling toys based on Nazi-era German army units.

A German citizen had publicized what he said were "Nazi" LEGO-like figures being sold on Amazon. The figures were made available by the CustomBricks company, and bear a striking resemblance to the classic Lego figures.

LEGO immediately published a statement clarifying that the offending figures were not of their making nor related to the LEGO brand, and that the company opposes the sale of figures dressed in Nazi uniforms.

In 2015, Amazon pulled ads for a television show that featured the Nazi German eagle on the New York subway.

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