Arab carjacking gang busted

Thieves reportedly cut off Israeli vehicles on the road - then forced them to stop, allowing them to steal victim's car.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

One of the stolen cars
One of the stolen cars
Police spokesperson

A car theft ring made up of three Palestinian Authority Arabs was broken up early Wednesday morning, following a string of carjacking incidents in the Binyamin region of Samaria.

The three suspects were captured by IDF forces and Israel Police units operating in an Arab village in the Binyamin area.

Authorities say the three carjackers would use their vehicles to pull in front of Israeli cars driving in the area, then slow down and stop, blocking the Israeli drivers’ path. Once the Israeli car had been forced to stop, the carjackers would exit their vehicles, drag the Israeli drivers out by force, then steal their cars to a nearby Arab village.

During the arrest operation Wednesday morning, Israeli security personnel and police located a vehicle owned by an Israeli man from Ofra, whose car had been stolen Tuesday morning on Route 465 near Bir Zeit.

Other stolen property was also recovered during the arrest operation.

The three suspects are slated to be brought before an army court in Samaria for an extension of their arrests.

“Israel Police will continue to fight with uncompromising determination against gangs of thieves trying to harm the security and property of residents,” a police spokesperson said following the arrests.