Leading US Supreme Court candidate: Mother of 7

Justice Amy Coney Barrett's name appears in many media outlets as judge Trump may appoint to Supreme Court.

Mordechai Sones ,

US Supreme COurt
US Supreme COurt

US President Donald Trump interviewed four candidates for the post of US Supreme Court judge yesterday, and the list of potential candidates has reportedly been reduced to five altogether - two of them women.

The media reported that the four who were interviewed yesterday are Amy Coney Barrett, Brett Kavanaugh, Raymond Kethledge, and Amul Thapar - all of whom serve in Circuit Courts, one level below the Supreme Court.

The leading candidate, according to some commentators, is Barrett, 48, a devout Catholic and mother of seven children. "The idea of ​​appointing the first Conservative woman to the Supreme Court fascinates President Trump more and more, and he tells his advisors over and over again that he likes the idea of ​​making an historic decision," said Jeff Zeleny of CNN. "In a [political] climate, women from the other side of the [political] spectrum play such a key role."

Another advantage of Barrett's appointment is the fact that her appointment to the court where she now serves was approved by the Senate in October of last year, with a majority of 55-43, which included several Democratic senators. Those senators will have a hard time voting against the same candidate.

Trump will announce his decision next Monday, July 9.