Brazilian couple nabbed smuggling drugs into Israel

Couple from Brazil found to be smuggling hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of illegal drugs in their bodies.

David Rosenberg,

Cocaine in capsules smuggled by the couple
Cocaine in capsules smuggled by the couple
Police spokesperson

A Brazilian couple were arrested recently, after they attempted to smuggle controlled substances into Israel.

The two suspects – both Brazilian nationals in their 40s – arrived in Israel at Ben Gurion International Airport on Sunday, June 17th.

While passing through customs, the two aroused the suspicion of airport security officials, who detained the couple for further questioning, a police spokesperson said Monday.

During questioning, airport security officials became increasingly suspicious of the two suspects, who were transferred to Israel Police for further questioning.

After it became clear the couple were attempting to smuggle narcotics, police took the two suspects to a hospital, where they were searched for any controlled substances they were concealing in their bodies.

Hospital staff discovered 50 capsules containing half a kilo of cocaine inside the suspects’ bodies.

The suspects were then transferred back for further interrogation, and were later placed under arrest. A court extended their arrest until Wednesday, July 4th.