Will Trump demand complete Iranian withdrawal from Syria?

Diplomat tells London newspaper that upcoming Trump-Putin summit will focus on complete Iranian withdrawal from Syria.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Trump and Putin
Trump and Putin
REUTERS/Jorge Silva

US President Donald Trump at an upcoming summit will demand Russian President Vladimir Putin agree to force Iran to completely withdraw its forces from Syria, London's Al-Hayat newspaper reported Thursday.

On Thursday, the White House Press Secretary announced that the summit is scheduled for July 16, and will take place in Helsinki, Finland.

Al-Hayat quoted an unnamed Western diplomat who said, "If the Putin-Trump summit is held on July 15, its core will be to negotiate Washington’s insistence on Iran’s withdrawal from Syria."

Putin, he said, is not willing to "pay a heavy price" for Iran's presence in the area, and Jordan also opposes having Iran on its borders.

The diplomat also said Trump does not oppose Syrian President Bashar al-Assad remaining in power, but would give Israel the "green light" to freely attack "any Iranian presence in Syria, wherever and however Israel wants to."