Girls distanced from Temple Mount after 'disturbing police'

4 girls arrested, refuse to sign bail conditions, freed after 2 nights in jail without bail. Court distances them from mount for 30 days.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Temple Mount
Temple Mount

Four girls who were arrested on Monday while praying at the gates of the Temple Mount were released from detention on Wednesday. Their release was made possible after the Jerusalem Magistrates' Court annulled the bail conditions for them but distanced them from the mount for 30 days.

The girls were could have been released a few hours after their arrest, immediately after they were interrogated, but they refused to sign the bail conditions, which distanced them from the the Temple Mount, and remained in jail in protest. On Tuesday, too, the girls refused to sign the conditions set by the court and stayed another night in detention.

The girls explained their refusal to be released by claiming that they were being held in false detention "because they were Jewish." They added that they prayed at the gates of the Temple Mount where prayer is permitted, and did not bother anyone.

The Honenu legal organization, which represents the girls, stated that they had been arrested in a place where the courts had determined in several decisions that the freedom of movement and worship of Jewish worshipers should not be restricted.

Police said that "Following the violation of rules on the Temple Mount and the disturbance to the security check and after they were asked to move to the side of the road, the girls continued in their refusal and continued to disturb the policemen. As a result, police were forced to detain them. Following their interrogation, some of them refused to sign the conditions of their release, and today they were brought before the court.”

"After examining the investigation material presented to it by the police representative, the court decided to expel them for 30 days from the site. Israel Police operates throughout the Old City in general and on the Temple Mount in particular, while maintaining public order at the site along with a system of balances for all residents and religions, for freedom of religious worship. Police will act with determination and without compromise against anyone who tries to violate the rules of the place," police said.