Parents In Israel Desperate for Cancer-Treatment Aid "Miracle”

Over 1000 children are diagnosed with cancer yearly in Israel. 1 organization is dedicated to help make their lives easier during treatment.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

ילד חולה דלקת אוזניים כאב
ילד חולה דלקת אוזניים כאב

When children suffer from cancer, their day-to-day routine includes treatment injections and blood tests. What troubles these children most is not the cancer itself, rather, all the needles. The chemo weakens veins, causing trauma each time the children need a chemo injection or a blood test because it’s hard to find a good vein. Every needle to their arm is dreaded, resented, and even often resisted. It’s so painful that many children try to run away, and need to be strapped down to give chemo, or draw blood.

In Eretz Yisrael, over 1000 children are diagnosed with cancer yearly. One organization, Rachashei Lev, is dedicated to helping them, seeking solutions to make their lives easier during treatment.

Like David, 2 years old.

Sarah, 7 years old.

And Miriam, 11. All in Eretz Yisrael, with cancer. Dealing with treatments.


Recently, a solution was brought to the Israeli market, and it’s making these fearful, tearful, want-to-escape children with cancer now smile. Called AccuVein, it's handheld infrared-based device whose rays scan the child’s arm, locating viable veins immediately. “A miracle,” says Yosef, father of David, age 2.

Rachashei Lev seeks to supply all children’s oncology wards in Israel with enough AccuVein devices to take the pain of needles away from all children with cancer.

Rachashei Lev is turning to the public. Find out how to help children with cancer in Israel, like David, 2, Sarah, 7, and Miriam, 11, have a more pleasurable treatment experience.