'Kites should be treated as if they were rockets'

Yesh Atid MK calls on government to respond to incendiary kites as if they were rockets. 'Are you waiting for a tragedy before you respond?'

Hezki Baruch,

Haim Jelin holds an incendiary kite
Haim Jelin holds an incendiary kite
Eliran Aharon

MK Haim Jelin (Yesh Atid), who formerly served as the head of Eshkol Regional Council near Gaza, demanded the Israeli government take more drastic steps in dealing with the recent wave of kite terror.

"Today was the worst day for the Gaza Belt area since the beginning of the kite terror," Jelin said. "The heavy heat and fire were a deadly combination. Firefighting planes were operated, roads were closed, and volunteers joined the brave firefighters who work 24/7, to ensure that the fire would not spread to an IDF base and cause an enormous tragedy. What will the be next?"

"If the fire had spread and harmed weapons at the IDF base today, we would have witnessed a horrific tragedy that we would have been forced to respond to.

"I ask the Cabinet members: Are you waiting for a tragedy before you respond? Stop making headlines and start working to stop the kite terror forever. Kites are the same as Qassam rockets."

Incendiary kites and balloons sparked over 20 fires in Israel on Saturday, nearly harming an IDF base and scorching at least 25 acres at an Israeli nature reserve. In response IAF drones fired warning shots at the Gazan perpetrators.