'Academy of the future':
Worldwide leading academic institution teaches entrepreneurship

Adelson School of Entrepreneurship at IDC Herzliya helps improve skills, knowledge, and experience to realize entrepreneurial aspirations.

Dr. Gali Einav, Michele Meisel, | updated: 12:48

Adelson School of Entrepreneurship
Adelson School of Entrepreneurship
צילום: Oren Shalev

The Adelson School of Entrepreneurship (ASE) at IDC Herzliya is one of the worldwide leading academic institutions for teaching entrepreneurship. The curriculum and various activities at the ASE allow the students to improve their skills, knowledge, and experience via "learning-by-doing" and to realize their entrepreneurial ideas and aspirations.

One of the significant programs at the ASE, the CO-OP Startup Experience Course provides students the opportunity to intern in a startup company for 10 weeks. As part of the program, the ASE launched two Speed-Dating events, at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters. Over 90 start-ups and 500 students took part in these events. The result: Approximately 220 students were placed in professional internships throughout the academic school year.

Inbal Baumer, CEO of LegalUp, participated in the Speed-Dating event and recruited three students for the second semester. "The Co-Op interns exceeded all our expectations!” she shared. “They were so serious, hard-working, and motivated that we certainly intend to employ some of them at the end of the internship. The speed-dating event was well-organized and enabled maximal matching optimization in minimum time."

The "entrepreneurial environment" at the ASE has a strong influence on the working, teaching, and learning processes of both faculty and students.

Adelson School of Entrepreneurship (ASE)
צילום: Oren Shalev

As part of the Psychology of Creativity and Ideation course led by Dr.Lior Noy and teaching Assistant Keren Greengrass , students participated in an "Escape Room” project. The students were divided into groups. Each group went through an ideation process to generate creative ideas and used their entrepreneurial tool box to create real escape rooms, which were located in various spaces throughout the IDC campus, including a parked car. Students were tasked to participate in all escape rooms, which was both a lot of fun but at the same time a big challenge.

Keren Greengrass, who assisted students with the "Escape Room" project, is also co-founder of "Jooblix" along with Rachel Ben-Shoshe. Their journey began at the IDC Beyond program, the entrepreneurial flagship program of the ASE, where they first met.

At IDC Beyond Karen and Rachel learned that the team is the core of a successful venture as ideas may change and there will be many pivots throughout their entrepreneurial path. After a long period of ideation, followed by a few failed attempts at venture creation, Karen and Rachel founded "JOOBILIX", a platform that connects students & alumni through smart networking events. They empower students and alumni by their performance, experience, and strengths to find their dream job, connecting the academic journey to the real world via job fairs, career centers, alumni organizations, and leveraging companies’ recruitment process to its highest potential. Jooblilix enables both sides (candidates and recruiters) initial outreach, screening, and credentials tools, making sure each user can get the most out of every event. Joobilix has now raised seed funding and as ASE Alumni, they receive constant backing and support from the school and its faculty.

Adelson School of Entrepreneurship (ASE)
צילום: Oren Shalev

The Co- Op Startup Experience Course, Escape Room challenge and IDC Beyond Alumni entrepreneurs are examples of the diverse activities that ASE offers its students.

ASE builds on eighteen years of entrepreneurship education experience that emanates from the world renowned Zell Venture Creation program, with over 102 startups created, 20 “exits” and a global network of over 300 alumni. The goal of the school and the Undergraduate Program in Entrepreneurship is to provide its students with the knowledge and tools needed to realize their entrepreneurial ideas and aspirations individually or within an existing organization. As such, it provides experimental learning that combines academics with hands-on entrepreneurship opportunities beyond the classroom. It is truly the academy of the future.

As summarized in the words of Ofir Greenberg Wolf, a current Entrepreneurship and Business major from the United States: “The program provides a unique and innovative learning experience that keeps your mind motivated to learn and discover. The uncompromising educational content, bright people, and fun learning activities make it so great to come to school.”

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