Netiv Ha'avot demolition and the struggle for the Land of Israel

The meaning of authentic Jewish leadership.

Rabbi Chaim Richman and Yitschak Reuven ,

Netiv Ha'avot demolition
Netiv Ha'avot demolition
Eliran Aharon

This week's edition of Temple Talk coincides with the end of month of Sivan and this week's observance of Rosh Chodesh Tammuz, the beginning of the new month of Tammuz.

Later this month, the Jewish people will be observing the Fast Day of the 17th of Tammuz which begins the annual three week period of mourning for the destruction of the Holy Temple.

What relevance does the Holy Temple have in the modern State of Israel? Join Yitzchak Reuven and Rabbi Chaim Richman as they explore this week's Torah portion of Korach and contemplate its messages of the constant struggle for Jewish identity in the light of current events in Israel and the world.