Iran warns North Korea: Trump could nullify any deal

Following historic Trump-Kim summit, Iran warns Kim that Trump "revokes his signature while abroad".

Ben Ariel,

Flag of Iran
Flag of Iran

A spokesman for the Iranian government on Tuesday warned North Korean leader Kim Jong Un that U.S. President Donald Trump could nullify any nuclear deal with North Korea, reported The Associated Press.

The semi-official Fars news agency quoted Mohammad Bagher Nobakht as saying, "We are facing a man who revokes his signature while abroad."

Nobakht's remarks came following the historic summit in Singapore between Trump and Kim.

Even before the summit began, Iran urged North Korea to be cautious, with a spokesman for Iran’s foreign ministry saying Pyongyang should enter the gathering with “awareness” because the United States has a reputation for “quitting treaties and violating their commitments.”

Iran remains upset over Trump’s withdrawal last month from the 2015 deal signed between Iran and world powers.

Since then, Washington has imposed sanctions on five Iranians with links to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps. It also sanctioned Iran’s central bank governor and an Iraq-based bank for “moving millions of dollars” for Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guard.

Another round of sanctions targeted several Iranian and Turkish companies and a number of aircraft.