Arab rioter killed after hurling rocks at soldiers

IDF soldier shoots, kills Arab rioter after being pelted with rocks.

David Rosenberg ,

Arab stone-thrower
Arab stone-thrower

An Arab rioter in Samaria was killed Wednesday morning, when an IDF unit opened fire after coming under attack by a group of stone-throwers in a Ramallah-area town.

The incident occurred in Nabi Saleh in Samaria, northwest of Ramallah, at approximately 11:30 a.m. Wednesday, as an IDF force carried out raids in the town for wanted suspects.

During the IDF operation to apprehend the suspects, a group of roughly a dozen locals began pelting a group of soldiers with rocks.

Soldiers responded with riot dispersal techniques.

According to an IDF spokesperson, however, one rioter managed to “flank” the unit and strike one of the soldiers in the head.

“One of the Palestinians flanked the troops and hurled the rock, striking a soldier's head.”

The soldier who was hit in the head by the rock opened fire on the assailant, hitting and neutralizing him.

The stone-thrower was seriously wounded by the shooting, and despite efforts by Israeli army medics at the scene to stabilize his condition, the rioter was later declared dead.

An army spokesperson said the incident “is being examined”.