Judge orders release of Jews attacked near Temple Mount

Police arrest 3 Jews after Arab mob attacks them instead of their attackers.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

scene of incident in Old City
scene of incident in Old City

Jerusalem Magistrate Court Judge Ohad Gordon ordered the release of three Jews who were arrested after being attacked by Arabs in the Old City of Jerusalem near the Temple Mount.

The judge ordered their release after reviewing video evidence of the incident.

In the video documenting the incident, which took place last month, the Arabs can be seen accosting the Jewish group with obscene gestures and spitting at them as the police do nothing to keep them away. At one point, one of the Arabs attacks one of the Jews.

Following the attack, the group members were forced to defend themselves and one of them sprayed pepper gas at the assailants. The policemen - to the amazement of the group - arrested three of them, while apparently none of the attackers were arrested.

The judge criticized the police for keeping the three in detention overnight instead of bringing them before a judge, especially since two of them were minors.

Attorney Rehavia Pilz of the CHonenu legal organization, who represented the Jewish victims, stated: "The court stated in effect that the worshipers were only defending themselves - the police chose to arrest those who were attacked. As seen in the video presented to the court, the Arab rioters continue to attack the police. Apparently the rioters realized that the police see every Jew who comes at the gates of the Muslim Quarter as a potential criminal. "

The Israel Police responded: "As soon as the complaint was received, an investigation was opened and a variety of investigative activities were carried out. This is an ongoing investigation, and naturally we can not elaborate further."

"The Israel Police condemns any form of violence and acts harshly against all those involved in acts of violence or bullying. Accordingly, those involved in this incident were arrested and an investigation opened, and the police will continue the investigation in order to track down other suspects and bring them to justice.

"We emphasize that the investigation of complaints and enforcement actions are carried out by the police with equality and professionalism, regardless of the identity, origin or religion of a complainant or victim.

"Even such trending publications will not weaken our resolve in order to continue to investigate the case, to arrive at the truth, and to continue to maintain public order, public safety and security."