Father of 11 battling cancer

A cancer patient struggling to beat cancer has two children planning weddings who need your help.

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Father of 11 Battling
Father of 11 Battling
Kupat Ha'Ir

His entire life, Eliyahu Goshensky, a father of eleven, never asked for money. He was blessed to be able to provide for his family. But now is different. Recently, just before two of his children were married, he was diagnosed with abdominal cancer: colon, pancreas, and liver.

And his rabbanim are insisting that this time, he must ask for help. He must turn to his fellow Jews, publicly, and request help. It’s not easy for him, and he knows he has to.

Because his medical bills to battle his cancer are very steep, especially on an Israeli salary: $7000 per month.

And baruch Hashem, now two more of his children are engaged, and he needs help paying for their weddings.

Eliyahu, full of yiras Hashem, full of ahavas Yisroel, needs your help. Eliyahu is pleading from you, to help him as a fellow Jew.

This campaign is sponsored by Vaad HaRabbanim. Click here to help Eliyahu survive cancer and pay for his two upcoming children’s weddings.