Haley: We will 'unquestionably' veto Kuwaiti resolution

U.S. Ambassador to the UN blasts "one-side" draft resolution calling for the protection of Palestinian Arabs.

Elad Benari,

Nikki Haley
Nikki Haley

Nikki Haley, the U.S. Ambassador to the UN, said on Thursday that the United States will “unquestionably” veto a draft resolution proposed by Kuwait calling for the “protection” of Palestinian Arabs in Gaza and Judea and Samaria.

“The United States will unquestionably veto Kuwait’s draft resolution. It is a grossly one-sided approach that is morally bankrupt and would only serve to undermine ongoing efforts toward peace between the Israelis and Palestinians,” wrote Haley in a statement.

“There is not one single mention of Hamas in the resolution, when Hamas is chiefly responsible for the recent violence in Gaza. The text criticizes ‘excessive’ and ‘indiscriminate’ use of force by Israeli forces against Palestinian civilians in Gaza, when in fact, it is Hamas that fired 70 rockets indiscriminately into Israeli towns this week,” she continued.

The Kuwaiti resolution “calls on Israel to immediately cease its actions in self-defense, but makes no mention of Hamas’ aggressive actions against Israeli security forces and civilians. The resolution calls for immediate steps toward ending Israeli restrictions on access into Gaza, while making no mention of Egypt’s restrictions and no mention of Hamas’ deliberate attacks against Israel’s determined efforts to provide humanitarian access into Gaza at the Kerem Shalom crossing,” Haley wrote.

“Those who choose to vote in favor of this resolution will clarify their own lack of fitness to take part in any credible negotiations between the two parties,” concluded the statement.

The Security Council had been scheduled to vote on the Kuwaiti resolution on Thursday, but the vote was postponed after the United States sought changes to the language of the resolution.

At a Security Council meeting on Wednesday, Haley signaled that Washington would oppose the proposals for Palestinian protection.

The U.S. envoy said at the session, “As I have asked my colleagues before, I will ask you again today. Who among us would accept 70 rockets launched into your country? We all know the answer to that. No one would.”

“It is outrageous for the Security Council to fail to condemn Hamas rocket attacks against Israeli civilians, while the Human Rights Council approves sending a team to investigate Israeli actions taken in self-defense. I urge the members of the Security Council to exercise at least as much scrutiny of the actions of the Hamas terrorist group as it does to Israel’s legitimate right of self-defense,” she added.

“To allow Hamas to continue to get away with its terrorist acts, and to somehow expect Israel to sit on its hands when it is attacked, is the height of hypocrisy. To continue to condemn Israel without even acknowledging what is actually coming from the leaders of Gaza makes me question who actually cares about the welfare of the Palestinian people,” Haley pointed out.