The Bracha of 40

Receive the blessing of '40' from Rabbi Shimon Galai by helping 40 orphans prepare for their weddings.

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Rav Shimon Galai
Rav Shimon Galai
Kupat Ha'Ir

Our tradition often cites forty as a source of bracha: Noach’s forty days and forty nights in the teivah, Moshe Rabenu’s forty days before receiving the luchos, a mikveh requiring forty se'ahs, and many others. Specifically, in Yerushalayim Ir HaKoidesh, people often go to the Koisel to daven for forty days for a shidduch.

And now, Rav Shimon Galai, in all his wisdom, is raising the funds for forty orphans, who Baruch Hashem already have their shidduch, to now have a happy chasunah. To besras Hashem build their own Jewish home, which also serves as a tikkun for not having their own parents. In fact, Rav Shimon Galai is giving a bracha of healthy children to everyone who donates for these 40 orphan weddings.

It is sad enough that their parents won’t be with them for their weddings, and of course, financially it is a struggle to get started on your life when you don’t have parents to help you.

Now you have the opportunity for this mitzvah, along with Rav Shimon Galai with Kupot Ha’Ir, to get behind orphans and give them the boost they need for a happy wedding, a segula for a bayis neeman. You can help them be happy. And you will receive the bracha from Rav Shimon Galai that you should, bezras Hashem, have healthy children.

Give now to make happy weddings for 40 orphans. Be their bracha.

Note: To protect the orphans’ privacy, this image focuses on HaRav Shimon Galai, and does not represent the orphans themselves.