'A thousand innocent people are imprisoned every year'

Attorney Haim Shtanger calls for a host of reforms in the judicial system. 'Awkward, cumbersome legal system must be dealt with.'

Benny Toker,

Gavel (illustration)
Gavel (illustration)

Attorney Dr. Haim Shtanger told Arutz Sheva that the criticism voiced at the Bar Association conference by the Attorney General and the State Attorney against legislators is justified.

"They are completely right. The legislators are dealing with all kinds of laws, trying to earn another headline in the newspaper, but there is no treatment of the fact that today it is difficult to do justice in the State of Israel. Five percent of the convicted are serving time for nothing, and each year they destroy another 1000 families. The awkward and cumbersome system must be dealt with. Today, you file for an obligation enforcement order and you can’t open a file for two months. Instead of looking for a coin with a flashlight, [deal with major issues], take the files of convicted persons and check them again, and that way you might save a thousand people serving for nothing. "

According to Shtanger, it would be better for politicians to stop enacting private laws. "Today every MK who wants a headline insults the judicial system. Some of the criticism is honest, but why destroy the system and topple everything? So instead of talking to make headlines, go check how obligation enforcement orders are handled. I submit a request today for a hearing in the District Court, and it’s discussed in another two years? Why not in another two months as happens in the US?”

Dr. Shtanger has additional suggestions for the greater efficiency of the judicial system. "They should raise the amount in small claims court and allow lawyers to appear there. There are now dozens of unemployed lawyers, so expand legal aid. Also, why give a public defender to people who have money? Why do people from organized crime get free defense attorneys? Anyone who has money should not receive public defense and also, stop laying fees on everything. Today, every burp in court costs dozens of shekels. And stop sending couples to mediation."