European official admonishes: 'Trump won't stay forever'

Israel ecstatic as US sides on embassy, Iran, Gaza, everything - but European official cautions 'Don't underestimate us, Trump not forever.'

Mordechai Sones,

Will Europe stay forever?
Will Europe stay forever?

As US President Donald Trump's administration becomes increasingly close to Israel, Israeli newspapers fear the gap in Israel's relations with leading European countries is widening. Mako News reports England, France, Germany, and of course the European Union bombarding Israel with condemnations and demands for investigation.

Jerusalem, on the other hand, refuses to be moved. There are those who say the Europeans are releasing their frustration at Trump upon us, but a European official who recently visited Israel and tried to penetrate the wall of Israeli indifference to European demands said the following: "Trump won't be President forever. Just as no-one imagined the Obama legacy would be erased so quickly, it can happen to the other side as well."

Zarif with European friends

The official added "You shouldn't underestimate Europe - look at the numbers: We're still your big trading partners. You don't understand that we're under great pressure from public opinion against Israel."

An example of this pressure was in Britain, which called on Israel to conduct an independent investigation following the events in Gaza last week. Israel may have been taken aback, but from the British government's perspective it was the lesser evil against demands in the political system and public opinion that expected much more severe steps.

Meanwhile, the Israeli choice is very clear - we're with Trump, against all the rest. As the Iranian Foreign Minister is being embraced in Europe, it can be assumed this won't change soon.