Netanyahu will not appoint the next police commissioner?

Attorney General suggests politicians under investigation, including the prime minister, may not be involved in picking police commissioner.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Mandelblit and Netanyahu
Mandelblit and Netanyahu
Emil Salman ,POOL , Flash 90

Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit sent a letter to the Public Security Minister Tuesday evening ahead of the upcoming discussions on the appointment of the next police commissioner.

In a few months outgoing police commissioner's term will end, and no decision has yet been made on whether to his term for another year or to appoint a new commissioner.

In his letter Mandelblit noted: "Recently, the undersigned received several requests regarding the appointment of a new police commissioner or the extension of the tenure of the current police commissioner. In the appeals it was argued that it should be determined that the prime minister and other ministers are not allowed to deal with the matter because of possible conflicts of interest, given the fact that they are being interrogated by the police."

Mandelblit added, "In response to questions that were addressed to you in the media on this matter, including yesterday, you clarified that you have not yet begun to deal with the matter."

However, Mandelblit hinted in the letter that when the moment comes to deal with the subject, he may well limit the work on the subject of those being questioned by the police, including the prime minister.

"I would like to request that the subject of the matter be addressed before the undersigned so that I may examine the aspects of the conflict of interest relating to the members of the government whose subject matter is police investigation, and instruct accordingly." Mandelblit signed his letter.

MK Itzik Shmuli (Zionist Union), who addressed the matter a month ago to the attorney general, welcomed the step taken by Mandelblit. "It seems that my request for an urgent opinion from the attorney general on this matter has done its job. A complete or partial restriction will be imposed on Netanyahu's involvement in the appointment of the commissioner. It is inconceivable that a prime minister who is sunk to his neck in interrogations and suspicions will appoint the person responsible for exhausting the process."