Ahmed Tibi visits Abbas in hospital

Arab MK says PA Chairman suffers from pneumonia: 'I walked with him in corridor about six times. We talked about various political issues.'

Mordechai Sones,

Tibi in Ramallah hospital
Tibi in Ramallah hospital
MK Tibi office

MK Ahmed Tibi (Joint Arab List) visited Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, who is hospitalized in Ramallah.

Tibi said after leaving the hospital that Abbas, 83, suffers from pneumonia and is being treated with antibiotics.

"There was great improvement in his condition. I walked with him in the corridor about six times. We discussed various political issues. Estimates are he will be in the hospital a few more days," Tibi wrote on his Twitter account.

In recent days there have been contradictory reports in the Palestinian Authority about the reason for Abbas' hospitalization, fueling speculation that the PA is hiding serious deterioration in his health.

According to some reports, Abbas suffered from chest tightness and difficulty breathing after undergoing ear surgery at the beginning of last week. Senior PA official Saeb Erekat said that Abbas suffered from pneumonia and exhaustion and is expected to be released within 24-48 hours.

"The President is suffering from ear inflammation that developed following the operation he undertook recently," Erekat told AFP.

Another source familiar with his condition said he was suffering from chest pain and a high fever.

It is the third time Abbas has been in hospital in a week, initially for the ear operation on Tuesday then for tests on Saturday.

In February, he underwent what was then described as routine medical tests in the United States.

Itishari hospital, Ramallah, where Abbas is being treated
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